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We all need to make the switch to electric cars sooner or later.. To help make the switch we are continually compiling tools and resources to help you make the right choices for your needs.

Compare Vehicle Journey Costs

Step 1 – Calculate the cost of this electric car

To calculate the running costs for this vehicle, complete the details below:

– Input your electricity tariff (e.g. 17) for 17p/kWh

– Input the battery size (e.g. 40) for 40kWh

– Enter the WLTP mileage range for this vehicle.

– Enter your average weekly, monthly or annual mileage

Disclaimer – The figures above are based on average of 95% useable battery figures.
The mileage range of a vehicle can vary dependant on vehicle use and weather conditions.

Now compare those costs to your current vehicle

To calculate your current vehicle running costs use to the calculator below to input;

  • The current fuel costs (price per litre)
  • Enter your Ave. MPG 
  • Enter either your Ave. Weekly, Monthly or Annual Mileage
Disclaimer – Please bear in mind the fuel costs can fluctuate and that MPG can vary dependant on the journey you are making, the load of your vehicles and any other factor. All figures shown are intended to give APPROXIMATE and INDICATIVE values only. 

Find Local EV Suppliers

Find Local Electric Car Suppliers

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Find Local EV Charge Point Installers

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